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        The Different Types of Surveys that we offer are listed below just click on the type of survey that you are interested in for more information:

        1. Lot & Block Surveys
        Boundary Survey, Plot Plan Survey or AS-Built Surveys of a City or County Lot.

        2. Boundary & Final Surveys
        Boundary Survey, Plot Plans or Final Surveys for anything that is NOT in a dedicated subdivision.

        3. Subdivision Surveying
        Consist of a boundary survey on a tract of land with the intention of turning it into a platted subdivision.

        4. Engineering Surveys
        Surveys requested by engineering companies as a prerequisite to preparing plans.

        5. Construction Surveying
        Surveying to layout on the ground the improvements that are shown on a set of construction plans.

        6. Topographical Surveys
        Surveys that show all the physical features of a tract of land.

        7. ALTA Surveys: ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
        The most comprehensive survey that can be done by a surveyor.

        8. We also provide elevation certificates and septic inspections.

        Last Updated 11/08/12

        Land Surveying by Licensed Land Surveyor

        Call or email us with your questions about land surveying – remember – Land Surveying is our business!!