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        Texas Licensed Surveying Firm? – Registration Number 101049-00

        Welcome to Lynch Surveying’s home on the web. Here we have tried to provide information that will answer most of your land surveying questions. We will be happy to answer your individual questions about your land survey. Go to the bottom of this page for contact information. Give us a call or email us your questions about land surveying. Come on in and have a look around. It’s land surveying at it’s best!

        We strive to provide the best possible land survey service with the most competitive prices of all your land surveying needs.

        A note from the President

        Lynch Surveying is a land surveying company with a wide range of capabilities. It was founded May 8, 1988 when I was the only employee. Our company has grown to 10 employees. I am the Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma and President of our company; my wife is the Secretary/Treasurer; we employee three draftsman, a receptionist, and two-two man field crews that are equipped with GPS RTK units.

        Our company is active in Lot & Block Surveys, Boundary & Final Surveys, Subdivision Surveying, Engineering Surveys, Construction Surveying, Topographic (Topo) Surveys and ALTA Surveys. We also provide elevation certificates and septic inspections.

        The Good Lord has truly blessed us the past several years with an 18,000 acre survey for Cabe Land Company in Texarkana, Texas , a 10,000 acres survey for Plum Creek in Pittsburg, Texas, a 18,500 acre survey for Doug Adams south of McAlester, Oklahoma, a 3,700 acre survey and a 7,000 acre survey in Red River County, Texas.

        We have purchased a 2 – Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Global Positioning System (GPS) and we own 5 ATV’s to help in completions of our surveys which help cut the cost to our customers due to the time saved with the much improved equipment.

        Kenneth D. Lynch

        As a licensed land surveyor I strive to provide the best possible service for all your land surveying needs in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

        Last Updated 07/12/2018

        Land Surveying by Licensed Land Surveyor

        Texas Licensed Surveying Firm? – Registration Number 101049-00

        Call or email us with your questions about land surveying – remember – Land Surveying is our business!!

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